Our Story

Good Health....with tradition!

Konkuwan was built to provide packaged healthy organic food & drinks in India, whether be it by creating a customized health boxes online store in India or by reaching out to farmers for this initiative, we focus on providing healthy living choices for all.

Konkuwan, an edibles & herbal supplements online store in India, was Founded in the year 2018, believing in the idea of being able to build sustainable models that are able to address the issues faced by those that live in the most remote and interior pockets of this country. The name Konkuwan itself is derived from a small tribal village in Jharkhand, to keep reminding us of the origins of our journey and our purpose.


Our aim is to provide enhanced livelihood options to the farmers, tapping the traditional knowledge of Indian medicinal systems that believe in natural plant based remedies and connecting these farmers' produce, that are grown naturally, with YOU, our prestigious customer thus providing an all round health and nutrition. 

All our products are natural, and indigenous, with no added preservatives and are carefully curated and sourced from across India by our team.  


Sit back and relax with a warm cup of health and munch on the health snacks while we do our part in enriching your experience of well-being.



Roopali Dutta Mohapatra

CEO, Co-Founder

Rajeshwar Dhavala

COO, Co-Founder