Unique Organic Corporate Gift

Corporate gifting is a proven method for engaging with prospects, clients, customers, and more—and for good reason. Research shows that physical items like corporate gifts are easier for people to understand and more memorable than digital media.

Stylish  But Traditional

Konkuwan was Founded in the year 2018, believing in the idea of being able to build sustainable models that are able to address the issues faced by those that live in the most remote and interior pockets of this country. The name Konkuwan itself is derived from a small tribal village in Jharkhand, to keep reminding us of the origins of our journey and our purpose.

Corporate gift box by konkuwan herbs
gift box by konkuwan shop

Through our efforts, we exclusively bring you this treasure from the nature in the form of indigenous wild herbs and seeds, carefully collected and curated to give you the best gift of health and wellness. The exotic tea blends are specially made to provide you with immunity, stress relievers, rich antioxidants, anti inflammatory ,digestive and calmness properties.

Sit back and relax with a warm cup of health and munch on the health snacks while we do our part in enriching your experience of wellbeing.

What do you get inbox ?

  • Herbal Exotic Tea Blends.

  • Super Foods

  • Free Infuser

Material: Wooden Box, Glass Jars, Cotton/Satan Potlis

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