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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Did you know that Konkuwan is one of its kind online natural loose leaf tea store in India and has one of the most popular flavour in green tea which is lemongrass. Sticking to its promise of bringing you the best packaged healthy organic food & drinks in India, below are some amazing benefits of lemongrass green tea.

Lemongrass has been a popular herb for quite some time now, the herb is indigenous to countries like Sri Lanka and southern India, but now is known to be grown in various other parts of the world. The stems of the plant are said to be a familiar cooking additive in the households of Asia, the leaves are also used to brew lemongrass to procure tea.

Lemongrass tea is a herbal tea made out of the same plant that is used to make lemongrass oil and other cooking herbs. It is also used to add spice to dishes and as a herbal treatment for a variety of disorders. Speaking of the flavor, lemongrass gives out a mild lemon flavor, although it does not possess the classic tangy lemon flavor. Similarly, being extracted from the same plant, lemongrass green tea is light yellow and has hints of lemon in the fragrance.

Benefits of consuming lemongrass green tea

Let’s have a deeper look at the health benefits of lemongrass tea:

● Good for digestion

Being a staple of most Asain countries, lemongrass has gained popularity for ages as the rightcure for digestive disorders. It is known as a natural diuretic and can easily be treated as a digestive aid. This helps to reduce the signs of gastric distress, as it has antimicrobial and

antibacterial properties that help in curing infections.

● Promotes weight loss

Lemongrass green tea has been known to promote weight loss faster and effectively, by

improving the metabolism of the body. It is beneficial to have a cup of lemongrass green tea at least once a day to avoid those calorie-laden sugary drinks.

● Helps with blood pressure and heart health

One of the major factors to include lemongrass green tea in your diet is that it can help lower

your blood pressure by reducing inflammation. It is very beneficial for people with high blood


It is also helpful in taking care of your heart and reduces severe heart disorders such as the

most common heart attacks and blood clots inside it. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties which are known to be beneficial for eliminating inflammation in blood vessels and the arteries.

● Enhances immunity

A simple glass of lemongrass green tea can do wonders for your immune system since it is full of vitamins and minerals that are quite helpful to keep away from cold. It proves to be very helpful in improving the immune system of our bodies. Being a carrier of vitamin C and vitamin A which are known to improve immunity.

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